Participant Testimonials

Women's lives are changed at SHETalks WETalk Workshops.

  1. "Thank you, Catrice. It has been a week since we gathered and the lessons taught are still reverberating in my life and I am grateful. I believe that you offer a prophetic voice. Not everyone listens to prophets and when we fail to listen, greater harm befalls our communities. For Women of Color, know that Catrice will protect and develop a space that is safe for you and you will find sisters. For White Women, come with willingness and courage to be still and to be open to what you are witnessing. A new perspective is being offered so that a new vision of community can be achieved by all, but not before the tragedies of yesterday are revealed and acknowledged. Be willing to learn. I would recommend to all who attend that you create space in your lives before, during and after to fully embrace this powerful experience."
    Ellen Rassmussen
  2. "My whole life I’ve been caught up in the binary of good vs. bad. I've always focused on how I can be a “good person" because if I am “good” then I cannot be a racist, racists are “bad people." Before reading Catrice’s book and before this workshop I was never really challenged to look internally, at least not for too long. I had no idea how I was hurting people of color, especially women of color, with my white “goodness.” This workshop educated me and gave me a clear understanding how violent I am through my white weapons: silence, centering, entitlement, white tears and more. I strongly encourage you to get out of your own personal binary of “good & bad” and take this workshop. It will challenge and educate you more then any book or article you could read. "
    Sarah Morreim
  3. "There are so many reasons to take this workshop. If you want to be boldly pointed in the necessary direction, listen to Catrice. If you want to be pushed to the necessary edge -- you know, the one you've been avoiding so far -- listen to Catrice. If you want to learn how to non-violently own your mistakes and blind spots, listen to Catrice. If you want an honest, clear, and plain way of understanding the white weapons you use and commit to disarming, listen to Catrice. If you want to learn how your own shame can be converted into non-violence, listen to Catrice. We all know the truth bell when we hear it and Catrice rings it loud and clear. And then keep listening! This is not a "one and done" workshop. Catrice will give you the tools for the journey."
    Erin Casey
  4. "This workshop is a gift you give yourself and women of color. It is worth every penny and then some. No matter the amount of training or activism you've done or for how long, you need this. You’ll discover whether you are okay with being complacent and comfortable with white supremacy or whether you are the kind of woman who will join the revolution to dismantle it, starting with yourself."
    Megan Casey
  5. "Move over TED, because this work requires a lot more than 15 minutes and a PowerPoint. Challenging, uncomfortable truths are the tools Catrice brings to this workshop. White ladies, if we really want to change the world, first we must change ourselves, change the way we see everything and everyone around us and change our fundamental relationships with people of color, inside and out. This is the real work. And the time is now. Thank you Catrice for holding me responsible for learning and living my own humanity."
    Kymberli Colbourne
  6. Participating in the SheTalks WeTalk workshop was a powerful and transformative experience for me, something that reading a thousand books can't accomplish. Catrice's leadership style is bold, fierce, organic and compassionate. What stood out for me the most at the workshop were situations when our weapons of Whiteness unintentionally came out, and Catrice helped us see right then and there how those guns are loaded and ready to fire anytime. The urgency of Catrice's message is very clear: It is high time for White women to take those bullets out of their guns and do their work to become allies to people of color and dismantle racism. I highly recommend participating in Catrice's workshop - you will be transformed and on your way to reclaim your own humanity!"
    Conny Wagner
  7. "Catrice’s message is not gentle – but neither is racism. But it is deep love that comes through her teaching – the kind that pierces, enrages, unsettles, and persists. Catrice teaches that the work of dismantling the racism inside you is not easy, sweet, or kind. It’s hard work, it’s incredibly uncomfortable work for white women, and it’s work that needs attention each and every day. It is with love that Catrice puts her heart, soul, and body in She Talks We Talk workshops and compels us to disarm ourselves and to fight for racial justice until our last breath."
    Courtney Putnam
  8. "Catrice Jackson's two-day workshop taught me more about my own racism and how I'm implicated in white supremacy than I've learned in almost a lifetime of work in "academic" "liberal" and "diverse" spaces I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to be jolted out of complacency and pushed to consider their own role in the violence inflicted upon WOCI. White women, we need this."
    Rana Hutchinson Salzmann